Their Partners Cheated On Them and How They Reacted Was Brilliant!

So, he’s cheated on you and what do you do? As lame as it sounds, victims of polygamous relationships are oftentimes guilty of stuffing their hips and thighs with excessive carbs and sugar, procrastinating with the chick-flick sentimental Titanic’s “I’ll never let go, Jack, I’ll never let go”, and admit it or not, still waiting for the real loser who cheated over someone with the words “I’m sorry and I want you back.”

THAT WAS THEN. Thanks to the oh-so-good spirit, women of today are best described to be as how Katy Perry would say it, WIDE AWAKE. Among the women who deserve a salute include these women who posted their rants and even exposed their cheating partners for everyone’s festivity. Mind you, cheaters out there, your partner might just serve you what you rightfully deserve! Clap! Clap! Clap!

#1. Cheating 101. Never, ever get caught off-guard. Unless you want to be the prey, then better stay vigilant with the predator.


Photo credit: Virgin Radio Lebanon

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