These Are The Crazy Ways People Are Celebrating Cat Day In Japan

February 22nd is officially Cat Day in Japan, with people taking to social media to show off the weird and wonderful ways they’re celebrating their furry friends.

People have been playing tricks on their cats, like this Twitter user who covered their kitty in toy mice.

Cat Day, or Neko no Hi in Japanese, has been around since 1987. It’s celebrated on the 22nd February because the numeric spelling (2/22) sounds like nyan nyan nyan which translates roughly as meow meow meow. Makes sense.

You can treat yourself to cat-based gifts and treats.

And, obviously, it’s a great day to get up close and personal with your cat.

Lots of people take the opportunity to dress up as cats themselves.

And eat cat-themed snacks, like these adorable donuts.

Make cat-shaped rice balls.

And experiment with cat-flavor sushi.

Artists draw cats on this special day.

And it’s also a time to think about popstars who’ve had cats.

And why not share photos of your own furry friend getting really excited about the national celebration?

But mostly it’s just an excuse to enjoy yet more cat pictures from across the Internet.

And that can never be a bad thing.