These Things That You Could Only Hear In Waitrose Will Make You Face-Palm

Whether you shop at Morrisons, Asda or Aldi, you have to admit that the likes of M&S and Waitrose are definitely targeted to a ‘posh’ audience. With the extortionate prices and gourmet food on offer, Waitrose is practically just a step down from Harrods.

Whilst you might overhear a regular conversation in Aldi about which bargains you’ve spotted or which club you’re going to at the weekend – the conversations in Waitrose are so hilariously classy, we can’t quite handle it.

So much so, there’s a Twitter account dedicated to what people overhear at the high end supermarket. Get ready for your mind to be blown and for you to feel as common as Oliver Twist after you’ve read these…;

1. WHAT A Liberty…;