This Man Makes Sure His Suitcase Is Never Stolen In The Best Way

There is nothing more stressful than waiting for your suitcase to come round the baggage claim with the constant fear that someone else might have accidentally taken it.

But that worry would be gone if everyone followed this man’s ingenious new suitcase trend.

A photo of a man sitting in an airport departure lounge with his suitcase that has his photograph printed on it has taken the internet by storm.


The man can be seen looking into the camera, smartly dressed, on the suitcase which we can only imagine was a hilarious Christmas present from his children.

The hilarious snapshot was posted on to imgur and has since gone viral with many people having their input.

Some commenters said the idea is ‘brilliant’ and one wrote: “Those judging eyes…;How dare you take my luggage, put iy back right now…;yea don’t dare do that again.”

While the suitcase is a brilliant idea, his sock and shoe choice also captured everyone’s attention.