This Video of a Girl and an AR-15 Left Her Father Proud and Liberals Fuming


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Liberal gun-grabbers will just never understand the American peoples support for the 2nd Amendment.

No matter how much they try to demonize guns and make people terrified of them so they will willingly give up their rights under common sense gun control it just wont work.

After mass shootings, liberal Democrats always make a big play to restrict 2nd Amendment rights, such as with Sandy Hook. They are hoping Americans dont realize the true reasons for these massacres (antidepressant drugs, lack of armed teachers/staff) and allow their liberties to be stripped under the guise of safety.

Thankfully, not all parents out there fall for this fraud, instead opting to teach their children how to properly use, care for, and respect guns.

One such father of an 11-year old girl named McKenzie is infuriating gun-grabbers with her Facebook video demonstration of field stripping and reassembling an AR-15 in less than a minute.

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Awesome! Within just 15 seconds, the girl is able to take the gun to pieces and completes a field strip and reassembly, along with function check in just 53 seconds which according to her father is a new record.

This is exactly the kind of parenting we need teaching kids that guns arent evil. By teaching gun safety as well as sharing knowledge on how guns actually work, we can bring back an educated and properly armed populous, as America used to have.

Alas liberals dont see it that was and erupted in anger at the sight of McKenzie and her AR15 in the comments:

Teaching your young daughter how to murder. If this isnt child abuse, I dont know what is Donna Z, Los Angeles

Disgusting. I am so upset I can barely breathe. This is the stuff of nightmares. What a horrible father JJJones, New York

The NRA is smiling, but this family wont be when McKenzie or her siblings end up in a pool of blood ProgressivePal, Tuscon

Yikes! How do these people get through a day with this kind of vicious anger? Dont they realize that decades ago, we had children in class getting gun safety lessons, and we had none of these mass shootings we have seen in the past 20 years? Such as this class in Indiana in the 1950s:


Fear is a powerful weapon the Left uses to increase their power and decrease our liberties. Its nice to see McKenzie is free from that fear, and we salute her father for educating her in the rights our Founders though so important, they put them second only to freedom of speech, press and religion.

Let me know what you think of what McKenzie did in the comments below.