U.S. Post Office Introduces Illegal Alien-Friendly Wire Transfer Service


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

As Top Right News has reported, far from contributing to our economy, illegal aliens are draining tens of billions from it, by sending the bulk of their earnings back to their home countries every year, with Mexico by far the largest recipient.

And Barack Obama just made it easier for them to send their ill-gotten gains out of the country.

Looking to help illegal aliens send money earned through illegal employment in this country back home, the U.S. Post Office now offers a wire transfer service, but only to countries in Latin America.


The service, called Dinero Seguro (Sure Money) is being advertised in certain local post offices with posters showing a Latino family, along with the caption for your wire transfer of funds back home.

The following description of the service was taken directly from the official USPS website:

Its easy to wire money with Sure MoneyTM (Dinero Seguro). Whether you are sending it to a business or to family or friends, all you have to do is visit a participating Post Office* and send your money. It will be transferred in just 15 minutes to a participating branch in the destination country.

But for many legal immigrants in America, the service will only frustrate. That is because the service is only available if you are sending cash to Latin America.The wire transfers are only available to the following countries: Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru.

Senders may transfer up to $2,000 a day to Latin America. The fee starts at $10 for transfers of up to $750.

Reporter Dave Gibson of Examiner.com was suspicious of this service, and wondered if this U.S. Government-run service had any safeguards at all to prevent misuse by illegal aliens:

When (I) called the USPS toll free number to ask about the specifics of Dinero Seguro, I was mistakenly directed to the Spanish-speaking line. No matter, I pretended to be the owner of a landscape service, with a large number of undocumented employees.

Once the operator heard this…Her mood quickly became rosy, and helpful.

I asked if there were any ID requirements for my employees to send their wages back to Mexico and Honduras, and was told in a sullen voice: Oh, yes, they will.

However, her mood picked up when I asked if the untraceable and rather laughable Matricula Consular cards distributed by the government of Mexico to this countrys illegal alien population would be accepted. She looked it up, and happily told me that they could be used at the Post Office.

However, the customer service worker was not certain which particular branches may offer Spanish translators.

Well at least Dave didnt have to press 1 for English!

As to those Matricula Consular cards illegals often use and which the USPS is accepting as ID , remember that no less an agency than the FBI has testified before Congress that the Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification, due to the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the card holder.

Isnt that special your own Federal government aiding and abetting illegal aliens in removing their unlawful gains from our economy from jobs they should never have gotten, instead of deporting them as Federal law mandates they should.

Thanks Obama!