When Feeding the Homeless Becomes an Act of Civil Disobedience, Hundreds of Well-Armed Texans Rally to Do What is Right… (VIDEO)

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As we all well know many homeless Americans across the country find themselves at the mercy of Good Samaritans to acquire basic necessities such as food and weather appropriate clothing, however, with winter rapidly approaching this need is approaching critical mass.

During the season which focuses on the spirit of giving and being thankful for the blessing we have in a time where many are forced to go without thanks to failed Obama administration policies, caring citizens in Dallas, Texas have found their hands tied by bureaucratic red tape as they attempt to give to those that need a helping hand.

According to the Activist Post, last December the Dallas city council enacted a heartbreaking ordinance barring the public from feeding the homeless without first attending training classes, publishing written notices of intent and paying various fees to the city.

You read that correctly, the city of Dallas now requires kind hearted individuals to jump through a multitude of bureaucratic hoops before being approved to provide much needed necessities to the homeless as our nation continues to give away the store to those that have entered the country illegally.

As discerning as Ordinance No. 29595 is, thankfully the American spirit is alive and well in Texas. The appropriately named organization Dont Comply not only embodies the fighting spirit of this great nations founding fathers, they are making it will known that they refuse to allow bureaucracy to stand in the way of doing what is right.

In what the Activist Post has aptly dubbed as a revolutionary act of civil disobedience, Dont Comply has sent a clear message to the Dallas city council, on that states they fully intend to defy any ill-conceived laws and ordinances.

Via ActivistPost

One should not need to file multiple forms and pay a fee to obtain a permit to give food to those in need who are willingly ready to accept it. The folks at Dont Comply know this.

According to Brett Sanders, hundreds of homeless people showed up to not only enjoy a fantastic array of food, snacks and beverages but there was also an assortment of winter clothing that was donated as well.

All of the homeless people that I talked to during the event were extremely grateful for the support and there was a sense of humanity that is indescribable. Interacting with other human beings whom most consider to be living life at rock bottom will likely alter your perspective on the world around you, explained Sanders.

The event went off without a hitch, even after code enforcers showed up. Lead organizer of the event, Murdoch Pizgatti was confronted by the enforcers who told him to file the proper paperwork upon the events conclusion to which, Pizgatti politely replied, no.

Weve already had to speak to the police, theyve already come and delivered code to us, said Short, explaining what happened when the code enforcers showed up. But, after shaking hands with them, they realized were all armed and were gonna do what were gonna do because its not an immoral thing that we are doing.

Watch below:

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