Why You Should Start Living in Your Car [Video]

In 2013, Chris Sawey decided to drive across the country to find a job. What started out as one-month experiment though turned to an incredible adventure that lasted almost a year. He found that traveling around the country was easier for him to search for job opportunities while always keeping his eyes open for new challenges. Armed with his laptop containing his résumés and professional portfolios, Chris was ready for action whenever, and wherever, there was a job opening.

Sawey describes himself as a “man in transition”. In an attempt to find work, he began living in his car (which he named called Hotel Prius) and confided himself to the minimalistic life making a living only out of “necessary spending” that was enough to buy him food, gas, and pay his cellphone bill and car insurance.

Despite the challenges he had to face along the way, Sawey said it was an amazing experience, and that his “life feels real, and organic and, best of all, simple”.

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There are many ways outside of the traditional societal structures, or what is considered to be “normal”, you can make a living, and Sawey has definitely made this clear. Check out this video to learn more about Sawey’s story and how he managed to do it.

Living in a car must be extremely difficult though it can most certainly provide you with the most real eye-opening experiences. What are your thoughts on this? Would you do it? Let me know in the comments section below!