You Must Take A Look At These New Darth Vader-Inspired Uggs

Do we really need another Star Wars-inspired item? Ugg! In fact, these boots are kind of uggly.

Hey, if you name your company UGG stupid, corny jokes will be made at your expense. (Hate to say it, but the same thing will probably happen to you if you wear them… at least in L.A.)

Though I admit, these limited-edition Darth Vader boots do have their own appeal. They feature all-black leather and other details that are reminiscent of everybody’s favorite villain — like vertical stitching and a red button on the side. There are even a variety of styles for men, women and children.

The Darth Vader footwear is available now and two more Star Wars-inspired UGG lines will be released later this year. If you’re a Star Wars fan and UGGs aren’t your thing, then unfortunately you’ll only have about 700 million other themed options to buy.

An alternate version of the Darth Vader UGGs.

An alternate version of the Darth Vader UGGs.