You Wont Believe These 15 Crazy Things Sold in Japan

You can say what you want about the Japanese: They are a bright people, they make terrific technology and some really delicious and interesting food. They are polite (unless you are riding the subway and then theyll just literally shove you in like sardines). But they are also, without question or doubt, kind of weird. And the rest of the world agrees with this sentiment. Yet no one seems to understand how Japanese society got so… out there. Its very entertaining if you get the chance to travel in Japan and spend any time there. If you cant, well bring Japan to you and share with you these 15 crazy a** things sold only in Japan:

Lap Pillow

Are you already saying, WTF? Yes, we know. Why on Earth would anyone even come up with this idea let alone bring it into the physical realm? The lap pillow is technically called the Hizamakuru and costs 8,980 yen or 86 US dollars and is basically a life-size pillow shaped like a womans legs and rear. We are curious why this woman looks so happy with her head in another womans lap? Is there something you want to tell us Hikari?