Youre Going to Love the Full Freak Out Leftist Blog Think Progress is Having Over Trumps Gun Rights Policy

Earlier today we posted Donald Trumps new gun rights policy and its turning a lot of heads. The policy/agenda calls for an end to efforts to ban high capacity (or what we call standard capacity) magazines, shoots down further attempts to expand background checks and calls for a national concealed carry program for all 50 states.

Americans who believe in rights are cheering. Those who oppose rights are freaking out.

Our staff was literally laughing out loud when we came across a headline over at ThinkProgress that deserves a few minutes of mocking. The article, titled Donald Trump Has A New Gun Plan, And Its Just As Crazy As You Think, has an opening paragraph that youve got to see.

Donald Trump imagines a world where regular citizens can buy automatic weapons; where gun owners can hide their weapons in any state; where there are no expanded background checks for gun purchases; and where citizens fight crime with their own assault rifles.

In other words, Donald Trump believes in rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. So apparently ThinkProgress believes the 2nd Amendment is crazy.

Their opening paragraph attempts to label Trumps position as crazy by spelling out things the 2nd Amendment guarantees and blasting Trump for agreeing with it.

Thats what the left is, folks. They hate rights but pretend to be the movement for rights. And they should just be honest and say it… they dont want the 2nd Amendment to exist.

That, friends, is whats really crazy.